In love with Frida

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 In love with Frida: A watercolor affair” by Danita is a painting class that will take you on a voyage into the world of watercolor. Travel with Frida into a magical wonderland of color and texture that will feed your Soul with the desire to create beautiful things with simple materials: Paint, Water and Paper.


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I still remember the first time I used a watercolor brush. The way the pigments dance when you add water and mix as soon as they touch the paper made me fall in love with the medium, and I knew it was going to be a love that will last forever. Now, I want to share my love for watercolor with me. Frida, me and you will start a journey of discovery as I show you how I work with watercolors and the techniques and secrets I use on my paintings.File May 07, 4 55 30 PM File May 07, 9 13 13 PM copy


sitting_frida_squareFrom the beginning you will learn about choosing the right paper, how to choose colors and how to mix to get your favorite color palette. We will have practical and fun exercises to get you acquainted with this magical medium, and on the last part of the class we will to put in practice everything we learned as we create different paintings featuring my favorite artist, Frida.  the class is divided in 8 fun sections, each one with comprehensive videos that you can watch on your table, phone or computer at your own pace. Anywhere you want to learn watercolor painting, the class will be with you.

Watch a sample lesson!

This is all you will learn on the class with very detailed videos...

  1. Hello. My name is Watercolor: The very basics of watercolors will be discussed here.
  2. Paper: With so many paper choices, which one should you use? Here you’ll learn the types of paper that you can use and how the will behave.
  3. Paint, glorious paint: So many choices for pigments! We will learn the differences between the different types of paints and pigments and how to choose them.
  4. Shades, Value, Hue, opacity and staining: Understanding this concepts of color in an easy way.
  5. Speaking watercolor: Washes, Wet into wet, wet into dry, dry into dry, wet into dry.
  6. Nobody’s perfect: Correcting mistakes and little happy accidents.
  7. Playing with Techniques: Salt, scarring, bleed, resist, splattering, mark making, gouache, watercolor pencils, charcoal, graphite, shimmer, water soluble pastels, oil pastels, soft pastels, watercolor mediums, grounds, inks, lifting, specialty products.
  8. Putting it all together: Full Watercolor demos from start to finish.

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Watercolor is a beautiful medium, and you can start with a very small list of materials. For this class, you can choose any set of watercolor paints, paints, a brush, a pencil, paper, a kitchen sponge, a spray bottle and a ceramic plate or palette. You may purchase from my shop a travel art kit with 12 watercolor half pans, a travel brush and a small paper pad to start painting from the first lesson.

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I have collected a lot of materials on my mixed media work, and I have my favorite art materials. They are not required for the class, any paints and brushes will do, but but they are very nice to have, and will be the ones I use trough the class.

IMG_3120Daniel Smith Essentials Watercolors
Daniel Smith Neutral Tint
Winsor & Newton Cotman Brush
2H Pencil
Cold Press Watercolor Paper
Kitchen sponge
Spray bottle
Porcelain Palette

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I had wanted to do this class for a long time. I am completely in love with Watercolor painting and by the time you finish the class, you will too be in love with watercolours, and you will have the necessary skills to let your dream world come to life in bright colors and shapes all over the paper.

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IMG_3132Hi! I am Danita! and I will be your instructor for this class. Want to see more of my work and get in touch with me? Visit for my online shop and blog, and send me a line to with your comments and questions.

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