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  Once upon a time, an artist stumbled upon a great discovery, It was called the Secret Forest. Many creatures inhabited that place, and she became friends with them. Knowing she had to go back home, she began a new…

Have you ever dreamed of making your own, one of a kind, special doll? Then keep reading, because I created the perfect workshop, just for you.

This class is not intended to only teach you about painting. It's also about finding your own motivation and personal style while we explore my creative process and learn together the mixed media techniques I use to create beautiful art. Everyone is welcome! Beginners looking to start on mixed media, and seasoned artists looking for new inspiration and techniques.

Little Red Riding Hood is one of my obsessions. I love the story, and I look for any chance that comes across to me to paint her using different techniques and art materials. On this lesson I will teach you…

Come paint with me and fall in love with Watercolors, just like I did. Join me, Danita, on a magical journey to discover the magic of painting with watercolour. Together, you and me will learn the techniques I use on my original paintings and we will let our creativity take flight with the help of my favorite artist, Frida.