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danita_mediumI Am Danita.

I am an artist, and art is my life.

To me, creation is not a choice, but an imperative from the inscrutable exhortations from my soul.

I must create to feel alive, and to let my mind flow in peace, exploring every corner of the worlds I create.

Everything I create is inspired by my personal experiences and memories, my emotions and moods will always shape the things I paint and the art dolls I create.

I chose mixed media, watercolors and hand sculpted art dolls to express my emotions. I only paint females, concentrating on expressing emotions and feelings trough colors and shapes without much thought on how realistic they should be.

On my paintings and my dolls everything is dreamy, surreal and whimsical. Everything except for the eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul, and I really express myself trough the eyes of my creations. Their sadness, sorrow, anger and joy are instantly recognizable, and you can feel the emotions I felt when I was in the process of creation pouring out of them.

After doing art for so long, I decided to share the thrill of creativity with you, and Danita art classes was born.

I believe that just teaching you how to handle a brush or how to work with needle and thread is not enough, you must discover your inner artist, and my classes are designed to allow you to explore your creative side while you learn the many art techniques I use in my own creations in comprehensive videos that will teach you everything you wanted to know about my creative and artistic process.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ahhh, Danita, I received my kit today. Thanks so much.


  2. hello ,how long is the doll class on sale ? date the sale ends ?

  3. Hi! Interested in taking your doll class you have available right now. Do you have kits? Also will you be teaching your sculpted doll method in a class, very interested in that one also. Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

    • Hello! 🙂
      I do not have any kits made for my dollmaking class, but when you sign up I provide you with a comprehensive list of items to use, and a free pattern to get started making your own doll.
      I will be creating a sculpted art doll class in the near future, and if you are interested on it, I will greatly recommend you take the existing doll making class, as I use many of the techniques on the sculpted dolls.

  4. Hi I am a drama therapist and am building a course for teenagers at risk, the focus is on choices and it will be presented through making dolls. I loved your doll and was thinking in taking the doll course as an inspiration , the only thing is that we will not have a sewing machine . Do you think without a sewing machine these type of dolls are still fun to make ? Not frustrating ?

    • Hello Daniela!
      Each doll is a very personal item, and it will perfect for what you have in mind, where you put your own story, fears and happiness in your very own doll.
      You can make them without a sewing machine, but since you will be doing all the sewing by hand, it will be more time consuming, but in the end it will be an extremely personal experience. 🙂

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