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I have been very busy lately getting the last details of my online watercolor class ready to start on June 6th. I created a lot of paintings to teach you different watercolor techniques and styles and now I am ready to show you the paintings I used on the class. This time, everything is centered in Frida, one of my inspirations and one of the subjects I love to paint every time I have a chance, and working with this class was a lot of fun!

If you were on the fence about enrolling to the class because you were not sure what you could learn, keep scrolling! I’m sure that after you see all the paintings I made, you will sign up right away! 🙂

File May 07, 4 55 30 PM

056-P4231604-EditFrida with flowers

Watercolor on unmounted paper

12 x 9 Inches

Frida is another very strong influence in my artistic life, and I never miss a chance to paint her whenever inspiration strikes me to channel her strong ways into my paintings. Now that I am into watercolors a lot, I decided it was time for yet another Frida portrait.


File May 07, 4 55 30 PM


035-P4231472-Edit_PNGFrida study in black and white

Watercolor on unmounted paper

12 x 9 Inches

This is one of the times when I just wanted to see what I could do with the least amount of paint, and I tried to paint with water first, then saturate it with paint and see what happened.

The result is a beautiful and dreamy watercolor painting on paper by me, Danita.

I love the free flowing lines of this painting, and how I created an expressive face with very little brushstrokes.

File May 07, 4 55 30 PM

049-P4231575-EditI dream of Frida

Watercolor on unmounted paper

6 x 8 Inches

This is a very dreamy portrait of my favorite artist, Frida, painted by me, Danita.

She is holding her burning heart in her hands and she is dressed in a blue dress on this watercolor painting. Instead of using very sharp and defined lines like other watercolors I have painted, I went for a washed down look and the result is a very surreal, ghostly image.

File May 07, 4 55 30 PM066-P4231667-Edit

Frida in the wilderness

Watercolor on unmounted paper

6 x 8 Inches

While I was preparing paintings for my online class “In love with Frida: A watercolor affair” I played with a lot of color and shapes to teach my students how magical watercolor paintings are.

I had a lot of fun with this painting, free flowing brushstrokes where color and shape are more important than details made a dreamy portrait of Frida by me, Danita.File May 07, 4 55 30 PM

026-P4231404-EditFrida with flowers

Watercolor on unmounted paper

8 x 8 Inches

This is one of the kind of paintings I create just for the joy of painting. I did not know where I was going with this, and then suddenly from all the colors, a flower vase and Frida appeared.

All I did was follow the will of the watercolor, and I’m so happy I did, because the painting that came from it really makes me smile with it’s simple color palette and bright looks.

She will look perfect on your favorite frame, looking at you hanging from your favorite wall.File May 07, 4 55 30 PM

015-P4231338-EditPies, para que los quiero?

Watercolor on unmounted paper

9 x 12 Inches

If there is someone who could overcome pain and turn it into art, is my favorite artist: Frida.

I love painting her on my own style, because I admire her spirit and resolution to make the best of circumstances, no matter how difficult or hard.

You will find her a lot of times visiting Danita Land, where we can be together, paint and love.File May 07, 4 55 30 PM

008-P4231295-EditFrida in blue and red

Watercolor on unmounted paper

6 x 8 Inches

I have been practicing a lot for my upcoming online class, “In love with Frida: A Watercolor Affair” and I created a lot of watercolor paintings while I filmed the class.

Now, you can enjoy this beautiful watercolor with Frida in delicate hues of red and blue, flowers in her head and an intricate textured dress.

She will look beautiful when you place it on a frame, or maybe just propping her on your favorite shelf, looking after you with her sweet face.File May 07, 4 55 30 PM

001-P4231253-EditFrida in black despair

Watercolor on unmounted paper

7 x 10 Inches

I hope the leaving is joyful; and I hope never to return.

This painting came after darkness loomed over me, and I felt the awful dread and despair that deep depression paint into my life.

Even tough she is Frida, she is also me. After all, every artist paints itself.File May 07, 4 55 30 PM

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  1. Hi lovely Danita,
    Can you give a little more info about how the class works? Do we log in and then watch videos online? Is there a “group” that we will post to, etc.? I’m interested but need a little more info. I’ve been loving your art for a long time, since I joined etsy back in 2006!

    1. Hi Laura!

      Once you purchase the class, you will be prompted to create a login on my website. When you create your account you will be able to see the class videos and the rest of the available materials.

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