Sketching in the woods: An online watercolor painting lesson with Danita

Let’s paint a beautiful watercolor version of Little red Riding Hood. I decided to film the video on location to show you how fun it can be to just whip out your paint, your brush and some paper and enjoy nature. It was a relaxing afternoon, and you can hear the birds and insects chirping and buzzing around was I work. Like a mini holiday to the forest!


4 thoughts on “Sketching in the woods: An online watercolor painting lesson with Danita”

  1. Hi. I need a large, printable version of your sketch so that I can more easily copy it/duplicate it to follow along. It would be great if you made it available as a download with the class. I’m only about 5 minutes into the second module. The painting instructions have been good. It’s just going to be a challenge copying your drawing from the small version I see in the video.

  2. Hello Lorene! Thank you for your comments, glad to hear you are enjoying the class.
    Have you looked at the next lesson, “Final Comments?” You can find a couple of downloadable painting scans that you can use as reference as you work, and you can trace the face and details from it. You can access it here:

    Let me know if this is what you are looking for.


  3. Thank you, Danita. I didn’t know what would happen when I click the video tutorial’s “Mark Complete,” so I didn’t explore the next section. I see there are images that I can save and print.

    1. Great!
      “When you click mark as complete” you use make the chapter as done so that it knows where to start when you log in again, but you can watch any time you want, you won’t loose access to the class.

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