New art dolls come to lfe

It had been some time since I made dolls, my art exhibition had me very busy painting and then summer vacation and looking after my kids came along, so I go on a pause during the summer months.

But then the urge to create is very strong, and I really can’t stay too long without creating so once I got back from my mother’s place I cleared my work table and started creating.

Fresh from the fairy tale theme, I created two beautiful dolls, Alice and Red riding Hood, along with a Frida doll and two more girls.

Little Red riding hood is a handmade art doll created by the fantastic and talented hands of Danita

Little red riding hood is another doll part of my obsession with this beautiful fairy tale. I did a couple of paintings for my latest art exhibition, and then I set to make a doll with her as well, being one of my favorite fairy tales, she turned out really beautiful.

Maggie, a paper clay and fabric art doll created by Danita Art

Maggie is a girl that loves reading, and will be incredibly happy if she could live on a library for the rest of her life.

Every doll I create is unique and inspired by true events and emotions in my life. Take her for instance, inspired by my daughter’s love for books, and how much she enjoys visiting a library, getting lost on her own world when she picks up a book to read.

She is wearing a black and white outfit with a black choker necklace and lace sleeves In her dress.

Paola is a country girl with beautiful green eyes and a long mane of black hair, who love to take long walks in the meadow and talk to her animal friends.

She is wearing a handmade simple dress with blue and green colored patterns, red striped sleeves and a red rose in her hair.

Her hand sculpted face is made with paper clay, with the most beautiful green eyes in a sweet, sweet face to gaze upon. Everything is soft and sweet in her, she will be the perfect companion for that sweet soul in your life.

Frida Kahlo comes to life on this interpretation of a powerful icon by Danita Art, An Art Doll created with Paper Clay, Fabric and hand poured ceramics.

This is another of my very special, hand sculpted, handmade fabric Frida Dolls by Danita. This time, my favorite muse has a very beautiful pouty mouth, the loveliest melancholic eyes and a very colorful dress.

Her face is sculpted with paper clay to give her my famous sad eyes, big and full of expression. All you will want to do is cuddle her in your arms when you see her little face!

Alice in wonderland tumbles once again down the rabbit hole on this beautiful handmade art doll created by the talented hands of Danita Art

Alice in Wonderland is another of my most favorite stories in the whole world. The nonsensical world she lives in, and the colorful and lovely characters she interacts with on the books make up for a rich and beautiful landscape for stories to unfold while I play this doll.

Yes! I play with all the dolls I make! The need to create and bring my creations to life make me create these beautiful dolls that come to like with their handmade clothes, hand sculpted hands and faces and the most beautiful eyes that have a soul within them.

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